I'm Em,
Right now I'm focused on improving veg*n retention rates.

About me &  my current Focus

Motivated by a passion to help animals, I'm using a combination of skills as a marketer, designer, and social worker to build scalable support systems that make it easier to go vegan and stay vegan. The problem of veg*n recidivism is a solveable one and that excites me. 

My life By the numbers

200,000+ Animal Rights Leaflets
$1.5mil raised via grants/fundraising
10 non-profits built from scratch
Went vegetarian then vegan at 14
Graduated university at 19
Completed a 4-Year Degree in 2 Years

2016 Pro BOno Work

  • Aug

    Animal Activist Support Line (www.HelpActivists.org)

    Developed website, created tele-support system, trained counselors, wrote content, and helped with several other facets of initiatve.

  • Jul

    Bill C-246 Animal Cruelty Legislation

    Created a website for the coalition supporting the bill (launching soon)

  • Jun

    Animal Justice Canada

    Misc tech/web support.

  • May

    Male Allies Against Sexual Violence

    Built newsletter, building new website and marketing campaign.

  • Apr

    Animal Advocate Support

    Helped with the non-profit incorporation process, web design, google grants, and team recruitment.

  • Mar

    Student Sexual Violence Prevention Network

    Helped with marketing and fundraising plan, web development. 

  • Feb

    Animal Charter Billboard Campaign

    Website for billboard campaign AnimalCharter.ca

  • Jan

    Toronto Pig Save

    Helped with the non-profit incorporation, google grants, online store, web design (though the new site is not live yet)

Connect with me

If you share a passion to help animals/people and want to connect, I'd love to hear for you. My response time is usually 1‑2 days. 


Non-Profit Administration
Web & Tech
Social work


Strategy games
Herding cats 
Vegan outreach

Recently Read non-Fiction

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REcent Travel

Farm Sanctuary + Ithaca
Le¨Žn + Granada, Nicaragua      
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Some Inspiring Math

Burnout + Retention
Plug the leak, the world will be vegan.
Imagine each vegan got just one person to go vegan each year. 1 becomes 2, 4, 8..256..etc (after 32 years, starting with just one vegan there would be over 2 billion). If we plugged the leak of veg recidivism we'd start to see this exponential growth.  Right now about 80% of vegetarians/vegans stop being veg. This is a problem that can be fixed.

I take on one major project at a time (check out my last one, The Animal Activist Support Line). If you need help on an initiative email me at Em@non-profit.work